Through your support of AYSCBC, we develop Resources and provide Services that allow Member organizations to be better informed, focused and effective. This contributes to the efficiency and credibility of our School Councils, Boards and Committees.

Your membership with AYSCBC supports our work on increasing the knowledge base and confidence of our Members as you exercise a leadership role in your school community.

Our Membership gives direction to the activities undertaken by AYSCBC. An annual Workplan is presented for review, amendments and approval each spring at the AGM. The Association is guided by its Constitution and Bylaws.

As AYSCBC does not have competing demands/responsibilities from other programs and departments, we are able to provide our Members with an efficient and timely response to requests and queries.

The experience of the AYSCBC Executive and Staff, as well as the organization’s set up allow issues of concern to be tracked--there is a corporate history. This means that our Membership does not burn out by constantly reinventing the wheel. This also allows for more forward movement and resolution of issues.

Members situated throughout the territory may feel at times remote and removed from the work of other school communities and the overall delivery of education. Through your ongoing connection with, and support for the Association, the voices of those elected by the school community can be amplified.

Rural members who choose to attend the semi-annual Yukon School Councils’ conferences can apply to AYSCBC for funding support to help offset the expenses. This enables more participation in these important professional development and networking events.

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