AYSCBC understands the importance of having good information in a timely and efficient manner. Our Members want to be able to have informed discussions, to plan effectively and make well thought out decisions. Sharing clear relevant information is critical for School Councils to have in order to focus on their work and be able to be proactive.

To do this, we:

  • Respond to queries and disseminate information relevant to members on ongoing basis
  • Develop and circulate newsletters and information announcements on a regular basis
  • Gather input from members on a variety of issues (on request from others as well as AYSCBC initiated)
  • Update and maintain contact information with Members and others
  • Publish information of general or public importance regarding School Councils specifically or education generally
  • Ensure the Membership receives all our relevant organizational information in a clear concise manner as needed (i.e., Annual Reports, Interim Reports, Workplan, etc)
  • Represent AYSCBC on committees as requested and/or invited
  • Actively pursue resolutions to concerns raised and recommendations made during School Council Conferences
  • Support and facilitate networking between councils. This entails maintaining the connection between AYSCBC and each individual council, as well as the connection all councils have with each other for information sharing, decision-making and support.
  • Highlight the important role that School Councils play in public education, promoting School Council elections
  • Provide a mechanism for the Department of Education and other organizations to solicit and coordinate representation from School Councils.
  • Liaise with organizations in Yukon as well as other jurisdictions with a focus on public education
  • Provide guidance and coordination on issues of common concern that the Minister, the Department of Education and other organizations require input on.
  • Maintain affiliations with several other School Council/Board associations in other jurisdictions. This has proved to be a great source of information and resource sharing.