Yukon Education has several committees that work on a variety of specific issues and topics. School Councils as well as their affiliated support organizations (AYSCBC or CEAY) have a role to fill on most of these committees.

Advisory Committee for Yukon Education

formerly the Curriculum Redesign Advisory Committee  (Active) 

The goal of this committee is to improve the success of our all of our students, reduce drop outs and ensure that students are meeting high standards and have the skills they need to be successful in the modern world whatever choices they make. Part of the goal is to reduce the gap in outcomes between First Nations and non-First Nations students as identified in the recommendations outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Chair: Rob Wood, DM Education
Yukon Education contact: Amanda Daub, Executive Assistant  667-5126 

Student Transportation Committee (not currently Active)

Busing Contract August 2015 to June 2018

Bus Schedule Changes--Process to be followed

Diversity Committee (Active)

This committee will steer and oversee several working groups which are leading projects to help balance the educational needs of students with the promotion of safe and caring learning environments for all students and all staff members.
These working groups are:
--Positive Behaviour Intervention Supports
--Student Support Services
--Early Learning/Early Intervention
--Class Size and Composition

November 9, 2016 Meeting Minutes

PBIS Newsletter September 2017

PBIS Newsletter June 2017

PBIS Newsletter April 2017

Committee Co-Chairs: 

Mike Woods, Assistant Deputy Minister, Schools  
Katherine Mackwood, President, Yukon Teachers Association  
Yukon Education Contact:  Lynn Williams 667-5127

Assessment Committee (Active)

This committee has been working on changes to assessment and reporting, including an examination of a variety of ways for students to demonstrate mastery of the required skills and competencies. Strategies and formats for reporting progress in learning are being developed.

Nicole Morgan-ADM Learning, Curriculum and Assessment 456-6196
Paula Thompson-Director Learning Support Services 667-5609

Digital Literacy Working Group (Active)

The purpose of this group is to: provide direction so that Yukon students emerge from the school system as competent digital learners; act as a guide to inform and recommend policy development around technology; provide direction for  professional development opportunities; and develop a technology skills/literacy continuum for students and teachers.

Yukon Education contact: David McInnes, Coordinator, Technology Assisted Learning, 667-5871 

Technology Advisory Committee (Active)

This committee provides a forum for discussion of matters related to the development of a rolling technology plan and the supporting infrastructure for Yukon Education's public schools. Members of the committee bring current research, experience and a variety of perspectives and skills to the work of modernizing Yukon Education's capacity to develop the competency needs of every Yukon student in critical thinking, creative thinking, communication and collaboration.
Yukon Education contact:  Nicole Morgan, ADM of Learning Support Services, 667-5609

Policy Advisory Committee (Active)

This committee reviews Department of Education policies and provides input and recommendations. Current policies may be reviewed, Draft ones are tabled for discussion, amendment and approval. Areas needing policy development are also discussed for future action.

PAC Meeting notes, May 29, 2013
PAC Meeting notes, October 1, 2013
PAC Meeting notes, May 21, 2014

Yukon Education contact: Michael McBride, Policy, Planning & Evaluation 332-7065

School Growth Planning Advisory Committee
(under review pending new curriculum implementation)

This committee provides advice re: School Growth Planning process, training, communication and supports needed as it develops and is implemented in Yukon schools. Members will also be invited to participate on external teams for schools going through a review process. Some committee members are also involved in assessing the Leadership in Education/Innovation Grant applications.

French Second Language Programming Review Committee (Active)

This committee is involved in reviewing the recommendations of the French Second Language Review report and working together to establish strategic goals, objectives and priorities.

Action Plan 2016-2021

2015-2016 French Programs Year 4

Year 4 Report Highlights

Yukon Education contact: Yann Henry, French Programs Coordinator 667-8610

French Second Language Assessment Committee (Active)

Yukon Education contacts: Nicole Morgan and Kim Ho 667-3718

School Councils' Conference Planning Committee (Active)

School Council members are always needed to assist in planning these annual events. We need just a few hours over a few months to share ideas and give feedback.

If you’d like to learn more, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or
Yukon Education contact: Bob Walker, 667-8226  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.