Yukon Education has several committees that work on a variety of specific issues and topics. School Councils as well as their affiliated support organizations (AYSCBC or CEAY) have a role to fill on most of these committees.

Advisory Committee for Yukon Education

The work of the committee is to discuss and make recommendations to address education challenges and ways to support Yukon learners. For information regarding the mandate, membership and meeting minutes, please follow the link below:

Advisory Committee on Yukon Education

Chair: Nicole Morgan, Deputy Minister, Yukon Education
Yukon Education contact: Amanda Daub, Executive Assistant  667-5126 


Student Transportation Committee 

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Make recommendations and provide advice to the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM), Yukon Education on matters related to student transportation, including delivery of shared busing services in Whitehorse
  • Provide advice to Yukon Education on the interpretation of school busing regulations, policies and practices related to school busing
  • Provide advice to Yukon Education in developing or revising existing school busing regulations, policies and practices related to school busing
  • Bring forward issues to the Yukon Education that the committee feels are important in the delivery of student transportation in Whitehorse

Terms of Reference - Student Transportation Committee

January 22, 2020 Minutes - Student Transportation Committee


Policy Advisory Committee 

This committee reviews a selection of Education policies and provides input and recommendations. Current policies may be reviewed as identified by the department. Draft policies may also be tabled for discussion, amendment and approval. Areas requiring policy development may also be discussed for future action.

Contact: Colin MacDonald, Policy Analyst, 

Overview - Policy Advisory Committee


French Second Language Advisory Committee 

This committee is involved in reviewing the recommendations of the French Second Language Review report and working together to establish strategic goals, objectives and priorities.

Action Plan 2016-2021
Contact: Yann Henry, French Programs Coordinator 667-8610


Teacher Certification Board


Teacher Evaluation Committee


School Councils' Conference Planning Committee

School Council members are always needed to assist in planning these annual events. We need just a few hours over a few months to share ideas and give feedback.

Contact: Elaine Taylor, AYSCBC Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.