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Leadership Practices Framework for Yukon School Councils

Educational Leadership Framework for Yukon Principals and Vice-Principals

Educational Leadership Framework for Yukon Teachers


Encouraging Parents and other Community Members to Run for Election

Raising Awareness about School Councils & the Role they play in Public Education

Sample School newsletter article for School Council Elections

Listing of the number of seats on School Councils/School Board


A Head Start for Your School Council

2016 BASICS FOR EFFECTIVE SCHOOL COUNCILS--Essential Tools & Practices for Building and Maintaining Strong School Councils

A FEW BASICS about SCHOOL COUNCILS for Administrators and Teachers

Some Key Information that School Councils need from Administrators

Suspensions and Appeal Hearings--Information for School Councils 

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Meetings

School Council Planning Template with some Recurring Events

Policy Development and Review Guide

Sample Code of Conduct for School Council Members

Sample Code of Ethics for School Councils as a Whole

Running Meetings: Simplified Rules of Order

Working with the Community

School Growth Process Handbook 2013-2014

Yukon Education--School Councils Information


Education Act Reference Index Education Act Reference Index (170 KB)

How Family Friendly is Your School? How Family Friendly is Your School? (357 KB)

Ingredients Of Successful School Council Meetings Ingredients Of Successful School Council Meetings (131 KB)

Sample Annual General Meeting Agenda Sample Annual General Meeting Agenda (28 KB)

Sample Job Description and Q's for Secretary Position Sample Job Description and Q's for Secretary Position (61 KB)

Yukon Education Act Yukon Education Act (1711 KB)


'Practice Privacy-Safe Surfing' Parents Article

Safe and Caring School Policy Support A list of workshops, resource providers, and 
         learning materials  

Educating the Heart as Well as the Mind-Social and Emotional Learning for School and Life Success
        (by Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl & Shelly Hymel)

Bullying Prevention--Facts and Tools for Schools

The Importance of Attendance, Attachment and Achievement

Helping Parents Learn with Their Children

Conditions for Learning

Criteria for a Resilience Promoting School
         (developed by The Learning Partnership)

'Parent Involvement Toolkit' Tipsheets for Parents, Principals and Teachers, and Report
        (developed by People for Education)

Sample Hiring and Orientation and Code of Conduct for Substitute Teachers

Sample Positive School Climate Policy

Questions and Answers about Gender Identity

Questions and Answers about Sexual Orientation